Training program for school students

Enrich CSR Peojects

Providing invaluable insights and practical training for Future leaders

Enrich Organization proudly presents specialized training programs tailored for school students with a keen interest in product manufacturing and business management. Our engaging curriculum offers hands-on experience in these fields, empowering young minds with essential skills and knowledge. As a CSR project, these programs aim to nurture future leaders by providing invaluable insights and practical training. Join us in shaping tomorrow's innovators and entrepreneurs!

Distributing dry rations

Enrich CSR Peojects

Distributing dry rations - During covid 19 pandemic

Low-income families, who are daily wage earners, have been severely impacted by Covid 19 in Sri Lanka. During such times, we at Enrich Tea & Food Exports (Pvt) Ltd have responded by providing low-income families with dry-rations and grocery items. Sharing our good fortune with those in need is ongoing effort, which we engage in whenever such needs arise.

Donation of Home

Enrich CSR Peojects

Donation of home - For family affected by flooding

During the monsoon season around Galle, homes get submerged in the floods or even completely destroyed.

For one of the affected families, Enrich Tea & Food Exports (Pvt) Ltd funded the building of a brand-new home comprising bedrooms, sitting/dining room, sanitation facilities and connection for electricity. One of the way of helping our less-fortunate brethren.

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